Patient Payments

Patient Payments Solution

A comprehensive solution for secure, convenient payments

When it comes to understanding and paying their balance, patients need (and appreciate) convenience. And providers need secure, flexible solutions that make the best use of resources when it comes to communicating with and collecting from patients.

That’s why you need ZirMed’s Patient Payments solution.

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Patient Payments Solution

Mobile, in-person, by mail, and online

  • Easily create payment plans – and empower patients to create them when paying online.
  • Accept and track all forms of payment—credit, debit, ACH, paper check, and cash payments.
  • EMV cards? No sweat.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Cut out trips to the bank and manual paper-payment reconciliation.
  • View all payment records and receipts, in one place.

Discover the power of ZirMed Patient Payments:

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Simplify front- and back-office collections
Quickly and easily set up automatic payment plans for uninsured, under-insured, and high-deductible patients.
Automatically convert paper checks into ACH transactions for verification and deposit into your account via EFT.
Establish collections control with receipts for end-of-day reconciliation.

Simplify front- and back-office collections

  • Eliminate credit card phone lines and costly POS terminals.
  • Collect patient payments from the Eligibility inquiry response screen.
  • Boost collection rates and revenue.
  • Improve financial control to eliminate fraud.
  • Accelerate payments and improve patient satisfaction.
  • Offer patient-friendly online and paper statements.
  • Provide a HIPAA-compliant online payment portal where patients can receive, view, store, and pay their statements (see Patient Notebook).
  • Comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards.

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It takes us less time to file claims and process statements and collection letters, so we can spend more time on improving our workflow to address the changes we’re seeing as the result of the new high-deductible health plans.

Case StudyPaula Bates, Manager, Revenue Billing Operations Manager

To make Patient Payments even more powerful:

Decrease A/R days and write-offs - collect payments up-front by estimating patients' full out-of-pocket costs. Patient Estimation.

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Gain actionable insight into your operational and financial performance with ZirMed’s enterprise- and practice-level Analytics solutions.

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More Information

Collect More from Patients Without Hurting Satisfaction

Billing and reimbursement has always been difficult for healthcare organizations, but changes in the industry have made things harder than ever.

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Patient Payments Data Sheet

ZirMed's solutions cover all aspects of the patient payment process to ensure that you receive full and prompt payments.

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Patient Estimation Data Sheet

Estimate and collect patient responsibility quickly, easily, and affordably—before rendering services.

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Patient Notebook Data Sheet

ZirMed makes it easy to communicate quickly and effectively with your patients through a secure web portal.

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