Strategies for Handling the Increase in Patient Responsibility

October 29, 2015

Health plans with high deductibles are the fastest growing type of health insurance in the United States. In 2015, HDHPs made up 85% of all plans sold on the ACA’s health insurance exchanges. As a result, your patients’ share of financial responsibility continues to increase—and your organization’s financial performance depends on your ability to collect it.

Avoid the pitfalls of greater patient financial responsibility—and get paid faster and more fully—by putting these top strategies to work in your organization. Join ZirMed Product Managers Jay Garmon and Riley Matthews in this encore presentation for an in-depth look into ZirMed applications that will help you:

  • Accommodate the ever-rising amount of patient self-pay
  • Accurately estimate total patient financial responsibility up front—then collect it before you provide service
  • Quickly and easily set up automated payment plans for patients who can’t pay their full responsibility immediately
  • Collect post-visit patient payments more easily and reduce bad-debt write offs
  • Easily communicate with patients regarding their bills and payments

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