Tight reins on IT purchases require awareness

June 1, 2015

The guise of electronic health and medical records software evaluation and implementation, and the specter of Meaningful Use qualifications certainly can distract a healthcare organization from the bigger picture of information technology impacting practice management.

Yet, relying on IT to help manage business operations and clinical workflow also calls for Meaningful Use to be successful. Consequently, it’s important to keep your practice management IT evaluation and purchasing decisions crisp to avert distractions and miscues that might undermine your strategies and tactics.

Just what kind of errors might healthcare organizations commit? Health Management Technology poses that question to a group of IT experts for their viewpoints.

Kent Rowe, Vice President of Sales, ZirMed, concurs about the importance of the end-user experience.

“Don’t downplay the complexity of interfacing and integration, especially for purchases that affect the workflows of [full-time equivalents],” urges Rowe.  “Talk to staff so that you understand the impact on their workflows. Then do the math. … An extra 10 minutes a day for 10 FTEs is around 400 hours of lost productivity per year, and probably a fair amount of employee frustration, too.”

Rowe advises healthcare organizations to think critically about their IT evaluation and selection process. “Streamline it so you can arrive at a good decision more quickly,” he says. “If you’re scheduling demos, site visits, and reference calls, what’s the core additional information you actually need in a Request for Proposal document? Talk to the IT decision-makers in your organization. What do they pay attention to when they receive a proposal?”

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Stay Informed