Predictive Analytics in Leveraging Revenue Cycle Management

Paul Bradley, ZirMed’s Chief Data Scientist, shares his insights on the growing importance of using predictive analytics in revenue cycle management. Read the article and listen to the podcast.

Government Incentives: The Changing Reimbursement Landscape

Join nationally recognized speaker Elizabeth Woodcock to identify the actions your practice needs to take this fall in order to qualify, participate, and get paid under MIPS.

Managing Healthcare Data Sets: A Data-Governance Primer

James E. Gaston, HIMSS Analytics’ Sr. Director of Maturity Models, presents insights on managing data and rightsizing data governance based on your organization size, market, and strategic roadmap.

Baptist Health

Baptist Health is the largest not-for- profit health system in Kentucky, with seven hospitals, over 250 outpatient facilities, and a comprehensive physician network. Its affiliate, Baptist Health Medical Group (BHMG), brings together over 800 of Baptist Health’s providers into one physician-led multi-speciality network.

Read how ZirMed solutions helped Baptist Health save over $250k annually in recurring operating costs, improve first-pass clean-claims rate by 13%, and more!

Planning, Launching, and Advancing Your Analytics Program

James E. Gaston, HIMSS Analytics’ Senior Director of Maturity Models, explains what healthcare analytics is, how it matures in an organization, and how to empower data-driven decision making across departments and business units in this on-demand webinar.

Best Practices in Revenue Cycle Management

2016 brings a host of challenges in revenue cycle management. Health care reform, high deductibles, and the uninsured are all having an impact on your revenue cycle. To help you with these challenges, this fast-paced and succinct session will focus on ten proven ways to enhance your revenue cycle.

Using Business Analytics to Optimize Revenue Cycle Processes

Identifying key performance indicators is not a trivial task. KPIs are tied to the goals of the organization and determine their performance by showing trends to demonstrate the improvements that are being made over time. Focused business analytical applications can help your organization reach business goals.

This webinar will discuss how ZirMed’s business analytic platform can help organizations gain insight to help optimize revenue cycle processes by reducing denials and rejected claims.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Keeping a Pulse on Your Practice Operations

You’re already an expert at evaluating your practice’s revenue cycle and financial position using comparisons to industry normative data. But what about your practice’s operations? Practice operations must take a front seat in this competitive environment, and it pays to develop a tool to help define a strategy for performance improvement.

Yuma Regional Medical Center

Read how Yuma Regional Medical Center increased annual net revenue by $10 million using ZirMed’s charge integrity solution.

ATS Medical Services and Staffing

Read about how ATS Medical Services and Staffing was able to increase their average net receipt for ambulance transport from $265 to $301, reduce billing lag time, and achieve a 99.4% claim rate with ZirMed’s solutions.

RCM Webinar Series: Business Office KPIs–Benchmarking for Success

In this on-demand webinar, revenue cycle expert Elizabeth Woodcock explains a straightforward methodology for determining your business office KPIs—how to measure “apples to apples,” benchmark all aspects of your revenue cycle including performance and cost measures, and why and how to perform an account audit.

Benefit from Your Big Data Now

Why wait for an enterprise data warehouse when the data you need is already at your fingertips? Learn how to turn this available information into accessible, actionable insights—and how your organization will benefit from accelerating its ability to dig into big data.

Analytics Demo

Watch this short 3 ½ minute video demonstration of ZirMed’s recently redesigned Analytics solution, and see some of the hottest new features in action.

ZirMed Analytics

See exactly what’s driving your business performance at the provider, practice, or organizational level—and across multiple practice management systems. ZirMed Analytics delivers the insight and information you need, when and how you need it.

ZirMed Overview

Boost financial and operational performance, gain actionable insights, and communicate securely with ZirMed’s powerful cloud-based RCM, Analytics, and Clinical Communications solutions.

Partnering with ZirMed, Inc

The ZirMed Partner Program is designed to help our partners promote a more robust service offering by integrating ZirMed’s solutions.

Analytics Data Sheet

ZirMed’s enterprise—and practice—level analytics solutions provide insight into operational and financial performance, keep track of timely metrics, and deliver actionable information to help drive the decisions that move your organization forward.

Small Format Company Overview

ZirMed has delivered modern technology to the healthcare market for more than a decade. We launched the industry’s first cloud-based claims clearinghouse, and have remained dedicated to bringing valuable innovation to healthcare ever since.

OptiMed Management

OptiMed, a growing medical billing company, needed a dramatically more efficient solution to help manage their revenue cycle.

Integrated Rehabilitation Group

Integrated Rehabilitation Group’s (IRG) relentless growth placed a heavy strain on most aspects of the group’s business practices, including the manual processing of claims. IRG needed a partner who could reduce the paper clogging IRG’s workflows.