Revenue Cycle Managment

Novant Health

Read how Novant Health identified $7.5M in recoverable net revenue in just 15 months with ZirMed’s HFMA Peer Reviewed Charge Integrity solution.

Time Is Money: Improve Denial Productivity

Get a better understanding of the time & cost involved in managing denials—& how ZirMed can help through automation—in this on-demand webinar

Podcast: Denial Management—Take Control Of Your AR

Overcome denial bottlenecks & get your AR back on track by arming your staff with tools they need to effectively prioritize & quickly appeal denials

Podcast: Improving Revenue Integrity With Predictive Analytics

Paul Bradley, PhD, explores the real-world impact predictive analytics has on revenue integrity & charge-capture KPIs

Podcast: Conquering The Search For Hidden Coverage

Overcome denial bottlenecks & get your AR back on track by arming your staff with tools they need to effectively prioritize & quickly appeal denials

Leveraging Predictive Analytics in the Healthcare Industry

Paul Bradley, Ph.D., Chief Data Scientist at ZirMed discusses the importance of leveraging predictive analytics to navigate today’s ever-shifting healthcare landscape

Patient Payments FAQ

See the answers frequently asked about our Patient Payments solution & learn more about this dynamic RCM technology

Podcast: Strategies to Improve Denial Management

Learn how key denial-related benchmarks & intuitive technology can improve your denial management & avoidance in this podcast

5 Ways to Accelerate Reimbursement

Learn how intelligent claims processing can help you accelerate reimbursement in this ZirMed webinar

Podcast: The Patient Collections Challenge

Listen to this podcast to learn ways to overcome the challenges brought about by patient collections & the increasing frequency of HDHPs

Hospital and Physician Practice Revenue Integrity:
Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Ensure Professional Revenue Integrity

In this ebook, learn how your organization can reduce missed revenue opportunities caused by charge capture leakage

7 Strategies to Drive Cash Flow Series Part 2

In this ebook, we’ll cover various strategies for understanding and staffing for your denials, automating denial and appeal management, and more!

7 Strategies to Drive Cash Flow Series Part 1

In this ebook, we’ll cover various strategies for slashing your denial rate such as catching claims that will be denied, zoning in on remits and EOBs and more!

Denial Management: Take Control of Your AR

Overcome denial bottlenecks & get your AR back on track by arming your staff with tools they need to effectively prioritize & quickly appeal denials

Denial Management By the Numbers

Learn how the challenges of denial management can turn into opportunities in this infographic

Denial Productivity ROI Fact Sheet

Learn step by step how denial management solutions work to save you time for each denial and appeal

Professional Charge Integrity White Paper

Learn about the root causes of charge capture leakage in this white paper

Denials Avoidance Data Sheet

Reduce avoidable write-offs and improve productivity with ZirMed’s Denial Avoidance solution

Value Based Care, Predictive Analytics and Consumerism 3 Trends Impacting Revenue Cycle Management

Ric Sinclair, ZirMed’s VP Product, shares his insights on recent industry trends and how they are impacting RCM. Read the article and listen to the podcast!

Leveraging Predictive Analytics in Revenue Cycle Management

Paul Bradley, ZirMed’s Chief Data Scientist, shares his insights on the growing importance of predictive analytics in revenue cycle management

Hospital and Physician Charge Integrity—The Complete View

Learn how improving charge integrity & maximizing your reimbursement potential can help counteract shrinking hospital margins in this infographic

Secrets of Efficient Payer Payment Automation

Take control of your payer payment process! Learn how an automated payer payment workflow can provide optimal results & give a clear insight into your cash flow

Three Ways To Maximize Contract Performance

Learn how contract management automation can reduce the complexity of contracting, negotiations, & reimbursement while eliminating inaccuracies

Stop Losing Revenue Through Improved Payer Contract Management

Learn how you can improve revenue & boost your bottom line through optimized payer contract management, contract modeling, & payment variance in this ebook

The Real Cost of Poor Payer Contract Management

Hospitals & health systems are under constant pressure to grow revenue. Learn how negotiating better terms with payers helps cut losses & boosts the bottom line

A Guide to Thriving Under MACRA/MIPS

Join ZirMed to gain an understanding of what the transition to value based care will require & get a road map to start planning & thriving under MACRA/MIPS

RCM eBook

The point of managing your revenue cycle isn’t just to improve revenue and cash flow. It’s to do those things effectively by consistently following best practices— while spending as little time, money, and energy on them as possible.

After all, your primary mission as a practice or healthcare organization isn’t to collect and manage money. You aren’t a bank or a collection agency. Your mission is to provide quality healthcare to your patients, and your RCM activities are supposed to support that mission, not compete with it.

Remember, every unnecessary hour and dollar—and every needless worry and concern—your organization spends on RCM is money, time, and attention that could otherwise be spent on caring for your patients. To learn more about how to focus less on RCM while improving results download our eBook!

Revenue Cycle Management: Costs and ROI

As a provider, if you had the opportunity to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your Revenue Cycle Management system in the biggest possible way while exerting the smallest amount of effort, you’d jump at it, right?

Well, great news! That can be accomplished as long as you know where your efforts will have the highest payoffs. In other words, know exactly where you are spending the most amount of money trying to get payments from both patients and payers.

Read more to find out three ways to best identify where attempting to get paid is costing the most money.

Introduction to Denial & Appeal Management

ZirMed’s Denial & Appeal Management solution provides a streamlined, results-focused workflow for managing denials—and delivers the insights you need to make sustainable reductions in your overall denial rate.
This webinar will discuss how ZirMed’s business analytic platform can help organizations gain insight to help optimize revenue cycle processes by reducing denials and rejected claims.

Effective Denial and Appeal Strategies

Getting paid what your physician deserves—that’s the goal of every biller. Yet, this can become challenging when 15 to 20 percent of gross charges are denied. Denied claims are a costly industry-wide challenge and can stand in the way of success. 90% of denials are preventable and 65% are recoverable. In this session, national healthcare consultant Dr. Deborah Walker Keegan shares best practices in claim denial prevention and management

12 Tactics To Optimize Patient Collections

In this webinar, you’ll learn what you and your team need to do to maximize your patient collections performance. Discover how pre-visit processes can improve collections and how you can improve point of service collections. Learn practical tips to collecting after time of service, and benefit from real-world advice on how to hold your collection agency accountable.

Payer Payments: How to Achieve Faster, More Accurate Bank Reconciliation

Join ZirMed Product Manager Renee Netherton and industry expert Andrew Christman to learn how fast and easy it can be to automate bank reconciliation, streamline workflow, and empower your AR team to significantly reduce redundancy, increase staff productivity, and improve results—even if you use multiple systems.

Cash Acceleration and Payment Posting

Accuracy & timeliness in cash management and payment posting may be the most overlooked metrics in the business office today—and they remain two of the most underrated opportunities for improvement. Join nationally recognized RCM expert Elizabeth Woodcock for a clear-eyed look at the process of cash management and payment posting—and learn how to optimize this process within your own organization.

In this webinar, ZirMed group product manager Dustin Hamilton will provide real-world, actionable guidance designed to help you manage and conquer RCM challenges in 2016 and beyond—so you transform your organization’s financial performance and chart your course to continued success!

Reform Your RCM: Best Practices and Beyond

Healthcare continues to buzz with new strategies related to the pre-visit, time-of-service, and post-visit collection processes, as well as best practices for denial management. While these are no doubt important, they don’t always empower you to be proactive rather than reactive—and staying ahead of the curve is imperative in the ever-changing world of healthcare.

In this webinar, ZirMed group product manager Dustin Hamilton will provide real-world, actionable guidance designed to help you manage and conquer RCM challenges in 2016 and beyond—so you transform your organization’s financial performance and chart your course to continued success!

Best Practices in Revenue Cycle Management

2016 brings a host of challenges in revenue cycle management. Health care reform, high deductibles, and the uninsured are all having an impact on your revenue cycle. To help you with these challenges, this fast-paced and succinct session will focus on ten proven ways to enhance your revenue cycle.

Speed Up Patient Revenue

High-deductible health plans place a significant burden on medical practices that now must work to simultaneously optimize revenue from both payers and patients. Attend this session to learn how to speed up patient payments and learn best practices in:

Time-of-service collections—what and how to collect from patients
The patient collections cycle—how to reduce time to collections and reduce the cost of patient collections; and
New payment models—such as on-line bill pay, text message reminders, and credit card-on-file to optimize patient collection performance.

Newton Family Physicians, P.A

Read how Newton Family Physicians, P.A improved operational processes, enhanced revenue management, reduced errors in billing and payments, and more!

Improve The Financial Health of Your Practice

Join national consultant and popular speaker Deborah Walker Keegan, PhD, as she shows how today’s most successful medical practices employ sophisticated data and business analytics, tools, and techniques to create financial value, optimize revenue, and analyze performance gaps. Attend this session to learn how to:
Take a deep dive into your accounts receivables
Make sure you’re not deceived by your billing metrics
Use key benchmarks to conduct a gap analysis
Stratify your revenue to meet the challenge of reimbursement reform

CPR for Your Revenue Cycle with Deborah Walker Keegan

Mid-winter is a great time to conduct CPR on your revenue cycle. Join national consultant and popular speaker Deborah Walker Keegan, PhD, as she shares best practices in each key step of the revenue cycle so you can collect every cent that is due to your practice.

Streamline Your Entire Payer Payment Process

Streamline your entire payer payment process and simplify management of today’s increasingly complex payment models. Click here to download

Golden Empire Cardiology

Read how Golden Empire Cardiology collected 20% more money from patients, reduced AR days from 51 to 24, and sent less bad debt to collection—while improving office efficiency and increasing patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Billing of St. Charles

Learn how St. Charles saved up to 1% of bank fees on every transaction, eliminated loopholes that previously resulted in missing cash, increased staff productivity, and improved internal control.

Patient Statements Demo

ZirMed Patient Statements enables you to easily and cost-effectively send customizable electronic and printed statements. Statements are automatically checked against change-of-address databases before being sent—and you can easily view delivery and payment status.

RCM Webinar Series: Best Practices–10 Strategies for Success

RCM expert Elizabeth Woodcock shares strategies, tactics, and tips for improving your financial performance in this information-packed recorded one-hour webinar. Watch it today and start optimizing your revenue cycle for full reimbursement and fewer AR days.

EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox

In today’s cost-pressured healthcare environment, you can no longer afford to spend hundreds of hours processing paper checks—especially when ZirMed makes it this easy to automatically convert incoming paper checks into electronic payments. Give us three minutes right now, and we’ll show you how it works.

Remits Demo

How much money, time, and revenue are you losing by manually posting payments? ZirMed makes it easy to receive all your remits electronically from all payers—and reconcile your remit, payment, and deposit records—all within one system. Give us four minutes right now, and we’ll show you how it works.

RCM Webinar Series: The Economic Tsunami

A tidal wave of economic change is gaining strength—and it’s a wave your practice needs to catch, not get caught up in. Listen as revenue cycle management expert Elizabeth Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC, explains what’s driving the challenges that medical practices like yours face today—and what’s behind the changes you’ll face in the not-too-distant future.

Patient Estimation Demo

With the rise of high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) and new enrollees through state insurance exchanges, navigating the tricky realm of patient engagement, billing, and payment has never been easier. Wait, it’s never been easier? Correct—because ZirMed’s cost-effective Patient Estimation solution shows you and your patients exactly what they owe. Welcome to a new era of upfront transparency in healthcare.

Patient Engagement

By helping you engage with your patients at every stage in the cycle of care, ZirMed’s Patient Engagement solution helps you collect more of what they owe—and collect it sooner—while enhancing their satisfaction.

Eligibility Verification Demo

Ineligible patient insurance coverage causes more than 75% of all claim rejections and denials by payers. Beat the odds with ZirMed’s Eligibility Verification solution—the most user-friendly, accurate, and cost-effective way to confirm the details of patients’ coverage in real-time.

ZirMed Remits

Receive all your remits electronically–from all payers, and within one system. Lost remits and the time-consuming process of manually posting payments translate into costly delays and unrealized revenue.

ZirMed EOB Conversion with Payer Lockbox

VeraFund is the first service to fully automate this previously tedious and error-prone process. From opening the mail to posting and reconciling payments, VeraFund saves you time and money.

ZirMed Patient Statements

ZirMed Patient Statements enables you to easily and cost-effectively send customizable electronic and printed statements. Statements are automatically checked against change-of-address databases before being sent—and you can easily view delivery and payment status.

How to Engage your Patients with Patient Notebook

The benefits to your organization of using a well-designed patient portal—especially ZirMed’s Patient Notebook—are clear. But you’ll only reap those benefits if your patients actually use your portal. Patient Notebook is a patient-friendly, intuitive solution—and we provide the marketing and communications tools you need to promote the portal to your patients and get them using it.

ZirMed Patient Estimation

More than half of all bad debt in provider organizations typically comes from outstanding patient balances. Patient financial responsibilities continue to soar, and greater transparency is one of the keys to increasing patient satisfaction. ZirMed’s cost-effective Patient Estimation solution enables you to easily, accurately estimate patient responsibility at or before the time of service—reducing your AR days and write-offs.

ZirMed Patient Notebook

Choose a patient portal that’s truly intuitive and user-friendly: Patient Notebook. With simple, secure direct messaging and the ability for patients to access their records at any time, Patient Notebook will not only keep you better connected with your patients—it will empower your patients to access the records and information they need without adding to your staff’s workload.

ZirMed Overview

Boost financial and operational performance, gain actionable insights, and communicate securely with ZirMed’s powerful cloud-based RCM, Analytics, and Clinical Communications solutions.

ZirMed Eligibility Verification

Ineligible patient insurance coverage causes more than 75% of all claim rejections and denials by payers. Beat the odds with ZirMed.

ZirMed Claims Management

The more efficient your claims processing, the faster you get paid. Boost payments while reducing AR days, headaches, and time spent on claims.

ZirMed Workcenter

Take your claims processing workflow to the next level, with a user-friendly interface, streamlined navigation, and easy-to-set-up workgroups for greater focus and productivity.

Coding Tools Data Sheet

Accurate coding is critical to getting paid quickly and fully—and it never ceases to be challenging.

Billing Services

See how ZirMed helps you differentiate your company from competitors with value-added services that increase efficiency and ease the burden of regulatory challenges for your customers.

Patient Payments Data Sheet

ZirMed’s solutions cover all aspects of the patient payment process to ensure that you receive full and prompt payments.

Payment Card Industry Data Security

Because ZirMed has passed the most rigorous PCI DSS validation process, providers using ZirMed to process credit cards minimize their risks while still offering this invaluable payment option to their patients.

Partnering with ZirMed, Inc

The ZirMed Partner Program is designed to help our partners promote a more robust service offering by integrating ZirMed’s solutions.

Maximizing Medicare Reimbursements White Paper

Within the next two years, the US Department of Treasury forecasts that 14 million HSA policies will cover approximately 25-30 million Americans. Included in this whitepaper are implications of increasing patient responsibility, collections best practices, and collections and internal control solutions.

Patient Estimation Data Sheet

ZirMed’s innovative Patient Estimation solution gives any provider the ability to estimate patient responsibility before rendering services.

Claims Management – Workers Compensation Data Sheet

ZirMed’s Workers’ Compensation Attachment WorkCenter standardizes the submission workflow—regardless of claim type or state submission requirements.

Claims Management Data Sheet

ZirMed’s Claims Management solutions help healthcare practices like yours close the payment efficiency gap quickly and cost-effectively.

Eligibility Verification Data Sheet

ZirMed’s Eligibility Verification solution provides the flexibility to determine patient coverage (including co-pays, deductibles, inpatient days used, and other pertinent benefit data) and make other payment arrangements available if necessary—prior to rendering services.

Revenue Cycle Management for Practices Data Sheet

Our revenue cycle management tools stand out because they’re all data-connected—every time one of the tens of thousands of users on our network gets a remit or their patient makes a payment, we learn a little bit more about how to optimize payer reimbursement and patient payment, and that knowledge is immediately put to work for every one of our clients.

Small Format Company Overview

ZirMed has delivered modern technology to the healthcare market for more than a decade. We launched the industry’s first cloud-based claims clearinghouse, and have remained dedicated to bringing valuable innovation to healthcare ever since.

STAR Physical Therapy

Automated systems that streamline processes, increase accuracy, analyze performance and simplify payment procedures can lessen business maladies and put clinics on the road to a strong, healthy recovery.

OptiMed Management

OptiMed, a growing medical billing company, needed a dramatically more efficient solution to help manage their revenue cycle.

Integrated Rehabilitation Group

Integrated Rehabilitation Group’s (IRG) relentless growth placed a heavy strain on most aspects of the group’s business practices, including the manual processing of claims. IRG needed a partner who could reduce the paper clogging IRG’s workflows.

Enhancing Cash Collections & Internal Controls

Prepare for the challenges of Consumer Driven Healthcare Plans and learn how to increase cash flows while minimizing the risk of embezzlement.

3 Keys to Success: Collect More from Patients Without Hurting Satisfaction

Billing and reimbursement has always been difficult for healthcare organizations, but changes in the industry have made things harder than ever.