Welcome to Connections, the official ZirMed blog

November 21, 2013

It’s a pleasure to welcome our clients, partners, and all visitors to Connections.

I’m excited about this new opportunity for all of us to exchange the insights and opinions that inform our healthcare-focused businesses, practices, and organizations. It’s a chance for ZirMed to extend and open up the conversations we’re already having with so many of you in the healthcare community, and a forum for others to join the conversation and connect.

Of course, this will also be a place to begin brand-new discussions. So in some posts, we’ll offer ZirMed’s take on developments that affect the healthcare community, from regulatory changes to new technologies to trends we notice among the 175,000+ providers who partner with us. Whenever we share our opinion, I hope you’ll take it as an invitation to share yours as well.

In other posts, we’ll keep it light. We’ll tell you a bit more about what surrounds ZirMed—the lives and culture of Louisville, KY—and about ZirMed’s employees and community activities. We may even share some stories about people who inspire us professionally and personally.

And we look forward to all the unexpected discoveries and insights along the way.


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