Worker's Compensation Made Easy: How to get paid faster and reduce costs

August 10, 2015

Manual processing of workers’ compensation and auto claims is slow, time-consuming, frustrating—and expensive. Workers’ Compensation rules make it harder to streamline your workflow across insurance lines when you’re using paper. Paper billing negatively impacts your cash flow due to receivable delays. And manual processing costs are typically 55% higher than electronic costs.

That’s why filing electronically can result in an average yearly saving of $23,126 per physician.

ZirMed has partnered with Jopari to help you save time and money by filing workers’ compensation and auto claims electronically.

In this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • Hear the insights of a ZirMed client who switched to paperless processing of workers’ compensation claims.
  • Learn how ZirMed and Jopari make electronic filing of claims attachments easier and more powerful than ever before.
  • Listen as a Texas Mutual expert shares a payer’s perspective on the benefits of filing your workers’ comp and auto claims electronically.
  • Streamline your claims attachments process to reduce costs and accelerate processing and payments.

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