ZirMed Maps Out Ambitious Agenda with Innovative Solutions

July 12, 2013

Ric Sinclair, Head of Product at ZirMed, recently connected with mHealthWatch to discuss ZirMed’s impressive growth and lofty goals for the remainder of this year and throughout 2014.

“We see a huge shift and a huge wave coming in the healthcare market where patients are starting to be empowered to take control of their healthcare,” Sinclair says.

“Something that we’re really proud of that we just launched as a brand new product to the market a couple months ago was a patient estimation tool. It uses the data that we have in our system [which includes some 2 billion records] and also uses data directly from our client to effectively tell a patient before they receive care the amounts that they are going to owe. It then gives that patient ways of paying that balance. And what’s really cool about it is that we built it in a way that is really modern.”

ZirMed Maps Out Ambitious Agenda with Innovative Solutions.

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