ZirMed’s Director of Partner Sales is also ZirMed’s official skydiver

February 24, 2014

Employee Spotlight: Mary Hardy

This week we’re excited to feature Mary Hardy in our first-ever Employee Spotlight. If you’re curious about the photo, wonder no more: Mary is ZirMed’s official designated skydiver.

OK, not really—but she’s certainly qualified. With nearly 1,500 jumps under her belt, Mary’s skydiving accomplishments are impressive. She’s a former world record holder, in fact. In 1997, Mary was part of a record-setting jump in which 246 people leapt from 15 small planes and created the largest-ever formation. (A formation is the pattern that skydivers form together during the dive, like in the picture included with this post—that’s Mary near the bottom of the photo, in the pink and purple jumpsuit.)

Mary joined ZirMed in June 2013 as ZirMed’s Director of Partner Sales, and leads the effort to grow and support the businesses and organizations that leverage ZirMed’s technology to enhance their own products and services.

Although she’s been with ZirMed just seven months, Mary’s influence is already far-reaching. She led the restructuring of our partner sales team in August, and has brought on additional industry-proven professionals to further strengthen a team that has nearly doubled in size since she joined ZirMed.

Prior to ZirMed, Mary served as the VP of Strategic Account Management for DiagnosisONE, Inc. (now Alere Analytics), and spent 21 years with GE Healthcare, where she held multiple roles in sales and account management before going on to manage GE Healthcare’s indirect distribution channel. Her degree is in electrical engineering, and she worked at Hewlett Packard in their test and semiconductor division. While with GE, Mary earned her Six Sigma Black Belt certification, and she now applies those skills to creating partner relationships that drive growth for ZirMed—and our partners.

“The process has to be methodical, sustainable, and repeatable,” she says. “We’re always asking, are we giving our partners what they need to grow and succeed? Are we doing everything we can to create a win-win?”

Those win-wins require careful planning, phenomenal coordination, and flawless execution—none of which is a leap for someone as high-flying as Mary.

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